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Firstly, you need to group your main steps of a flow into a Scope control. There are various advantages of a scope. It makes your flow appear more compact, can make it easier to navigate and understand, and most importantly means you can use the result () expression to obtain the history of an action. In my example below my main steps are in. 1. create the circumstances that make the app throw the error 2. capture the UI element that consists of that error message dialog 3. in your desktop flow, drop the " If Window Contains " block 4. inside the If Window Contains block, add your logic to write to the log file the data from the CSV that didn't get written to the app. While updating Power Automate on your computer, if you get Power Automate needs an update but we're However, if you get unable to update error, you need to check the aforementioned solutions. For example, you can try again to update the app, check your internet connection, repair the Power.
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